The assistance and involvement of a HUD 203k consultant is vital during the FHA 203(K) loan approval process. 203(K) loan consultants ensure that all the necessary steps and paperwork is completed in a timely manner without an delays that can hold up the loan approval or the processing of draw requests after the loan closing. Consultants listed on the HUD roster have the requisite training, experience and background to assist buyers seeking 203(K) rehab loan financing from FHA.

Directory of 203k Consultants

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The FHA's 203k loan program was created in 1961 to facilitate rehabilitation funds for home buyers and home owners looking to renovate their residential dwellings. In order to get approved for a 203k loan, a series of intricate and complicated procedures must be duly followed. Prior to 1994, the amount of funds disbursed under this FHA renovation program were minuscule and insignificant. To remedy this, Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) introduced consultant roster to effectively guide borrowers and ensure that all procedures are efficiently managed based on the established guidelines and requirements. The approved consultants placed on the 203k roster are qualified and well-versed in all matters related to the steps involved during the 203k process.